Posted: December 10, 2007 in Uncategorized

Γιατί κάποια πράγματα, απλά δεν αλλάζουν.

  1. peslac says:

    Ααα… κλασικό!

    Να σε δω να το χορεύεις καμιά μέρα! (ΟΧΙ Παρασκευή! χαχα)

  2. elenastamo says:

    Mμμμμ! σε πιστέψαμε.

  3. Koyrsarosgr says:

    Carlos 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!

    Τι δάχτυλα έχει ο άνθρωπος!!!!!

    Καλημέρα κι’εδώ Ελενα! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    On May 9th, the
    Washington Post published
    an article that
    questioned the efficacy of the
    bag fee, and left readers with the suggestion that bag fee
    http://www.adidas– funds
    generally not used for
    http://www.oakley– cleaning the river. DDOE, like any state or federal agency, has had its share of personnel and
    programmatic mistakes, and Anacostia
    Riverkeeper routinely presents legal,
    formal and informal
    challenges to DDOE policy. That– said, ARK fully supports the bag fee
    program and stands behind DDOE’s administration of the bag
    fee. Yes, it pays for DDOE salary and the folks employed to implement
    the programs paid for by the bag fee are extraordinarily competent, and
    the structural and
    non-structural best management practices paid for by the fee are working to clean the– river. The staff paid for by the bag fee do
    indeed make the Anacostia cleaner.
    And simply put,
    the bag fee is working, and the proof http://www.ray–
    is in the data.
    Volunteers participating in Anacostia Riverkeeper’s Clean
    Waterways program have pulled 19,530 lbs of trash out of
    the Anacostia and tributary shorelines. Those volunteers have found 2,046 lbs of
    plastic bottles, 1,948 lbs of glass. Only 173 http://www.toms– lbs of that total weight is
    plastic bags.
    Many of the
    best management practices paid for by
    the bag fee generate green
    jobs staffed by the next
    generation of the
    developing workforce young men and
    women from East of the River.
    The funds to pay for
    these http://www.swarovski– structural and
    non-structural practices are
    competitively awarded and the rants are
    subject to rigorous
    scrutiny and detailed– reporting.
    The Washington Post’s suggestion that there is any
    murkiness to the details about how the nickels are
    collected and what they are spent is an opinion
    not shared by
    Anacostia Riverkeeper and many of our
    partners in the NGO community. But perhaps worse than an
    investigative news story that seems more
    like opinion/editiorial is the idea
    that it’s somehow helpful
    http://www.michael– to attack a
    solution that’s working, rather than
    http://www.louis– framing the
    problem a
    http://www.christian– slowly-improving river that is still
    choked with trash.

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